Traptex® Plumbing Protection System

Stop Wipes and Non-Flushables from Clogging Pipes

The Traptex Plumbing Protection System helps change flushing behavior with innovative devices, education, and monitoring to help prevent non-flushable items from entering the pipes. This results in fewer maintenance calls for clogs, equipment failures, and plumbing disasters.

  • Professional, on-site sizing and installation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Custom-made Traptex Toilet Guard & Hopper Guard devices

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– Traptex is not for residential toilets.



Traptex Toilet and Hopper Guard

      • Custom made
      • Professional installation
      • Laser-cut metal hooks help prevent non-flushable items from entering the pipes
      • Easy to clean with standard bristled toilet brushes
      • 2-year warranty

Traptex Wipe Retriever

  • Durable, flexible plastic design
  • Easy to catch and remove cloths and wipes caught by Traptex

15 retrievers/box
4 boxes/case
Reorder #7104


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