Prevalon® Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS)

Safely and Easily Transfer Your Patients

The Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS) uses a cushion of air to help laterally transfer your patients with significantly less exertion and without the need for lifting. It’s designed to simultaneously inflate and cradle your patients to keep them comfortable and properly positioned. The system can remain with your patients and provide transfer assistance throughout their hospital stay, whether in the ER, OR, Cath Lab, or patient care rooms.

  • Integrated Head Support inflates to provide comfort and support for the head and neck
  • Quick Connect Valve provides an easy, secure connection and a quick release
  • Hose Protection Sleeve helps protect hose from environmental contamination
  • M² Microclimate Body Pad effectively absorbs and locks in moisture to protect patient’s skin while allowing air to flow through
  • Imaging Capability is acceptable for use in MRI,* X-Ray, CT Scan, and ultrasounds1

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*Prevalon MATS is MR safe by rationale. The device is made from all non-metal materials; therefore MR safety testing was not performed. Compatibility tests did not show artifacts. Based on rationale, the MAT is electronically non-conductive and non-magnetic.
The Blower Cart and Blower are not MR safe.
REFERENCE: 1. Data on file, Sage Products LLC