Sage Products launches the Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS) to safely and easily transfer patients

New system helps protect nurses during patient transfer
CARY, IL, February 28, 2017 – Sage Products LLC announced the launch of the Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS) to provide nurses with a safe and easy way to laterally transfer their patients.

“Patient transferring is one of the most common tasks that leads to injury, ¹ and MATS was designed to reduce injury risk while keeping patients safe,” said Marko Cikara, Product Manager, Sage Products.

Over the course of a year, 35,000 nurse workdays are lost due to musculoskeletal injury.² The Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS) significantly reduces the cumulative effects of handling thousands of pounds of weight in multiple patient transfers that nurses routinely experience throughout a typical shift.

“MATS is truly an innovative lateral transfer system with its advanced breathable fabric technology, allowing it to remain under the patient and enable transfer assistance throughout most hospital stays,” said Jim Layer, Vice President of New Product Development, Sage Products.

MATS uses a patent-pending, dual-inflation design method that safely cradles and stabilizes the patient first before rising on a cushion of air, resulting in an easier and more effective patient transfer.

The Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System now joins the Prevalon AirTAP Patient Repositioning System, the Prevalon Liftaem System, the Prevalon Turn and Position System and the Prevalon Seated Positioning System to enhance Sage Products’ leadership position in the field of healthcare worker safety and safe patient handling.

To schedule a free current practice assessment and learn more about MATS, healthcare professionals are asked to contact their local Sage Products Sales Representative at 1-800-323-2220, or visit

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