Nose to Toes® Pre-Op Prepping Systems

Address Key Risk Factors of Surgical Site Infection and Post-Operative Pneumonia

Our early prepping systems help address infection risk factors on three main reservoirs of bacteria: the nares, the oral cavity, and the skin. This can help standardize your pre-op approach for maximum efficiency and enhanced compliance to protocol.

Nasal Prepping

  • 3M skin and nasal antiseptic reduces bacterial counts in the nares in one hour, including S. aureus by 99.5%, and maintains the reduction for at least 12 hours
  • Convenient, single-dose bottle and two-minute application fits easily into your preoperative process

Oral Cleansing

  • 2 convenient options:
    • 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
    • Corinz® Oral Antiseptic & Moisturizer
  • Ultra-soft toothbrush contains nylon bristles to gently remove plaque, debris, and oral secretions

Skin Prepping (2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate* Cloths)

  • The solution remains on the skin to provide antimicrobial activity for up to 6 hours and is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms to include MRSA, VRE, and Acinetobacter

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PrepCheck is a free service available to both hospitals and patients. It delivers automated reminders via email, text, or voicemail, to remind patients to perform their skin prep. Schedule a PrepCheck reminder.

3M is a trademark of 3M (Label insert)
*equivalent to 500mg Chlorhexidine Gluconate per cloth (Drug facts)