Oral Hygiene Systems for Non-Ventilated Patients

Kits and Systems for Non-Ventilated Dependent and Independent Patients Address Risk Factors Associated with Pneumonia

Learn about the all-in-one, single use Sage Self Oral Care.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is one of the most common hospital-acquired infections in U.S. hospitals. In one study, 61% of patients with pneumonia were non-ventilated patients.1 Our patient-specialized systems and kits are designed to remove plaque, debris, and oral secretions.

  • User-friendly thumb port tools provide easy suction control and quick tool changes
  • Simple tools work with standard suction equipment
  • Burst pouch dispenses solution in seconds to moisten tools right in the package
Reference: 1. Magill, S. et al. Multistate Point-Prevalence Survey of Health Care-Associated Infections. The New England Journal of Medicine. March 2014; 370:1198-208. DOI 10.1056/NEJMoa1306801.

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