Do Not Flush! Educational Awareness Materials

Help your facility address flushing issues by communicating the importance of proper disposal to your staff

The flushing of non-flushable personal hygiene products can cause serious plumbing problems at your facility. At Sage Products, one of our goals is to help customers correctly use our products for ultimate benefit to patients, hospitals and staff. The correct use of our Comfort® Personal Cleansing products includes proper disposal in a trash can. To help protect your facility from plumbing problems, we are providing this Do Not Flush Kit to educate staff, patients and family members about the importance of proper disposal. Please display the Do Not Flush materials prominently in patient rooms, bathrooms and staff areas. We hope they will serve as constant reminders to patients, family members and staff.

Download your FREE “Do Not Flush” materials here for display in patient rooms, bathrooms and staff areas.

8½” x 11″ Traptex Posters

Suggested uses: Patient rooms and bathrooms (1/each)

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