Comfort Shield® Barrier Cream Cloths

Help Reduce the Risk of IAD and Pressure Injuries

Incontinent patients are at an increased risk for developing
incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD).1 That puts them at risk
for also developing a skin injury.2 Research shows that by applying a barrier after each incontinence episode, skin breakdown can be reduced.3 Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths with dimethicone can help you provide consistent patient care by applying an effective barrier every time. Each cloth delivers all-in-one skin cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, treatment, and barrier protection.

  • Dimethicone formula helps treat and prevent perineal dermatitis; helps seal out wetness
  • Breathable, transparent dimethicone barrier makes skin assessment easy
  • Allows the use of other products such as anti-fungals without removing dimethicone barrier4
  • CHG compatible and paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic, gentle, and non-irritating

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