Ban the Basin!

Replace your basins with a rinse-free hygienic system

Eliminating basins from your facility can help reduce infection and contamination risk. Basins may contain pathogens associated with hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).1,2

Removing the bath basin can protect your patients from a proven safety risk. In fact, several studies incriminate the basin as a potential contamination source, and a 2010 study proved a link between the basin and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

Clinical proof that links basins to CAUTI

A peer-reviewed study published in American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) tested basins at facilities nationwide and found 98% of those tested were contaminated with bacteria, including MRSA and VRE.

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This study concluded that bath basins frequently harbor pathogens associated with nosocomial infection and that hospital bath basins could be a potential source for the transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms.

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In noticing an increase in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs), one facility eliminated the basin and instituted Comfort Bath® prepackaged bathing and other protocols. The facility’s CAUTI rate was then reduced to zero and remained there for five months.

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Think basins are cheaper than prepackaged bathing? After removing Comfort Bath as a perceived cost saving measure, one facility brought back the basin. This facility saw 23 additional UTIs, 151 additional hospital days and a cost of more than $107,000.

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Find out what’s in your basins

We’ll help test your basins for multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs) for FREE.

The process is simple:

  1. After you submit the form below, a Sage Representative will contact you to schedule a time to have 10 of your basins swabbed
  2. The swabs will be sent to a professional, third-party testing lab
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A rinse-free hygienic system

Our comprehensive, rinse-free patient cleansing products can help standardize patient care and may address a risk factor for CAUTI through eliminating the basin.3

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